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Sure, with respect to ladies, Hollywood is a Glass Ceiling and the best way to interrupt by way of is to strategy it not as an Artwork Type, not as a Cultural Entity, not as a Social Entitlement however for what it’s… a enterprise … in any case, it’s referred to as “Present Enterprise”.

Nevertheless, PBS (Public Broadcasting System), which isn’t Hollywood however a authorities funded program, supported by way of underneath writings, pledges and public donations is a relative straightforward medium for ladies, in the event that they unify, to interrupt the feminine director’s glass ceiling.


ANSWER: With a easy edict by PBS… The edict being that 50% of all packages, PBS funds or packages, should both be Produced, Written or Directed by a lady… with bonus factors for ethnic minority ladies.

Level. Interval. Finish sentence

(“Angelina Jolie has used her marketable energy to direct options like “By The Sea”, “Within the Land of Blood & Honey” and “First They Killed My Father.”)

So ladies how do you make this occur?

It’s attainable to cease PBS’s unwitting mysogynnistic programming practices by first mass calling the FCC (888-225-5322), the place 50% of the four Commissioners are ladies (Ms Mignon Clyburn & Ms Jessica Rosenworcel) and PBS, whose President & CEO is a lady, Paula Kerger (703-739-5000), and notify all three ladies that the Ladies-of-America (“ladies management the purse strings”) will stop pledging donations to PBS and can boycott any company that funds any venture, programmed on PBS, that’s 100% produced, written and directed by males.

So ladies… you need it… you will get it… unite & take it.

It’s a enterprise. Companies understanding cash. So cease speaking emotion, band collectively and speak cash…


Now, that’s PBS however this weblog is just not about PBS however Hollywood, which is an business run by firms (Studios & Networks) with inventory holders dwelling with the delicate edict of “Need to ship a message… name Western Union”… who acknowledges, behind closed doorways in fact, that they are within the enterprise of renting seats, promoting sweet, producing downloads, peddling plastic discs and aggregating eyeballs.

Sure, the 6 main studios and 20-30 television/cable networks referred to as Hollywood is within the enterprise of “renting seats, sedlling popcorn & making income” and if ladies unify and strategy studios and networks with their shopping for powers they’ll completely increase the extent of feminine administrators and producers from at present’s 15% who’ve Improvement Offers to a minimum of 30% in Three-5 years and tripling Function Movies directed by ladies with three sensible options (see under) and fairly probably create parity in 5-7 years.

Allow me to elucidate.


First some groundwork: At this time of the 139 Producer Offers (aka: Improvement Offers) distributed by the 6 main studios for subsequent yr’s crop of options solely 20 have been given to feminine producers or administrators with two studios, each run by ladies, Common (Donna Langley with offers to Elizabeth Banks, Deborah Forte, Tina Fey, Eva Longoria, Charlize Theron and Samantha Vincent) and Fox (Stacy Snider with offers with Nina Jacobson, Karen Rosenfelt and three Animation Corporations owned by ladies), comprising 60% of these offers.

Charlize Theron

(“Charlize Theron has a Improvement Cope with Common Studios, headed by Donna Langley, to direct.”)

20 years in the past there was just one lady, Sherry Lansing, who ran Paramount, so if I used to be a politician and pandering for the feminine vote, which I’m not, I might tongue-in-cheek proclaim that underneath my tutelage there was a 100% improve in studios run by ladies…however that’s being a politician (boy do I dislike politicians… Republicans & Democrats… they’re each the identical) who refuse ruthless honesty and play misdirection video games which is what my No-Bull Weblog shouldn’t be about.

At this time two studios, Fox & Common, are run by ladies.

First, the 6 main studios with director offers or alternatives for ladies, are…

(1) WALT DISNEY: zero Offers (that’s right zero offers)


(Three) SONY STUDIOS: 2 Offers (Elizabeth Cantillon & Amy Pascal)

(four) FOX STUDIOS: Three Offers (Nina Jacobson & Karen Rosenfelt). Fox additionally has a feminine studio head… Stacy Snider.

(5) WARNER BROS: Three Offers (Denise Di Novia, Margot Robbie & Polly Johnsen)

(6) UNIVERSAL STUDIOS: 6 Offers (Elizabeth Banks, Deborah Forte, Tina Fey, Eva Longoria, Charlize Theron & Samantha Fox…. Why? The Studio is run by a lady… Donna Langley!

Now, the options…


There are Three methods (options) for ladies to interrupt Hollywood’s glass ceiling and direct function movies.



 (“There are numerous ladies in Hollywood who’ve energy… Now if every would produce or finance their subsequent movies or television exhibits with feminine administrators… a motion will begin”)

The primary is to help one another: Ladies if you wish to direct then pitch ladies with energy, which suggests ladies with studio Improvement Offers… who in flip are pledged to help ladies.

Under is a brief record of Eight females who’ve the facility, with studio Improvement Offers, to rent a lady to direct and have the film distributed by a serious studio.

(1) NINA JACOBSON (Co.: Colour Drive, Deal: Fox 2000)

(2) KAREN ROSENFELT (Co.: Sunswept Leisure, Deal: Fox 2000)

(Three) AMY PASCAL (Co.: Pascal Footage, Deal: Sony)

(four) ELIZABETH BANKS (Co.: Brownstone Prdns, Deal: Common)

(5) CHARLIZE THERON (Co.: Denver and Delilah Prdns, Deal: Common)

(6) DENISE DI NOVI (Co.: Di Novi Footage, Deal: Warner Bros)

(7) POLLY JOHNSEN (Co.: Polymorphic, Deal: Warner Bros)

(Eight) MARGOT ROBBIE (Co.: LuckyChap Leisure, Deal: Warner Bros)

These Eight ladies, with Improvement Offers, have the facility to offer different ladies the chance to turn into bankable administrators however this possible is asking to a lot of the eight…

Nevertheless, I suggest a a lot better approach for ladies to help every, to direct 50-100 function movies per yr (see under, answer #Three) which is titled “WOMEN-MAKE-MOVIES”.

However, for a second, let’s proceed to answer #2.


Create worthwhile function movie packages.

The enterprise referred to as Hollywood, managed principally by previous white guys, will like that.

Allow me: There are quite a few ladies, women with superb expertise, like Holly Hunter, Jessica Lange, Drew Barrymore, Susan Sarandon, Scarlett Johansen, Emma Stone, Reese Witherspoon, and so forth., who as quickly as you connect their identify to a venture you immediately assume “That’s a film”, for they’re actors who don’t seem on television with a recurring episodic position, the place if you watch without spending a dime… Though excellent salaries the double edged sword is the viewers begins considering of them as a free commodity whose fan base, that’s use to viewing them totally free for 30-60 minutes, has no want to pay $12-$15 to take a look at them for 90-minutes.

The purpose. Should you, possible an A-list lady, need a film package deal to get financed, with you as director… Then drop your worth and connect film actors not television actors.


 (“Drew Barrymore lowered her per image worth and launched a directing profession together with her manufacturing firm “Flower Movies”.”)

Thus create a bankable challenge with you, a gifted A-Record film actress, who has a burning want to direct, is prepared to decrease her wage from Tens of millions to Multi-Hundreds to garner her 1st directing alternative.

This won’t be a serious studio launch, however a excessive profile unbiased distributor launch and to offset her discounted wage she, in return, retains a better proportion of the back-end (aka: first place deferrals) and probably direct possession of one-two income streams (dvd, cable, television, and so on.) for the third and fourth home windows.

Subsequently, packaging your challenge, in case you are not an A-Record actor however with an A-Record feminine’s film identify hooked up to direct, with solely a $100,000-$200,000 wage for a 5-week shoot, with two of her fellow television actor/actresses pals receiving $50,000-$100,000, to acquire an Opening Title Credit score in a function movie, you need to simply have your supervisor or agent, with what-they-call a $5-7 Million Function, with Three names hooked up, garner $1,000,000 in money, which is sufficient cash for a top quality crew & gear for a 5-week shoot, from a distributor whereas creating a chance for a lady to direct.

Extra necessary, if this $1 Million Function Movie (marketed as a $5-7 Million Function), with a lady director, turns into a field workplace hit, she is going to now have the ability to garner $15,000,000 – $20,000,000 to direct her subsequent function movie from a serious studio.

This answer will certainly work however, it assumes that you’re an A-Listing film actress or can rent an A-Record film actress who needs to direct however, in so doing, will settle for a reduced wage.

This does occur annually… however it’s uncommon.

Now let’s get to answer #Three, which is for all ladies, which I actually consider is the completely greatest method to have 50-100 ladies (sure, 50-100) annually direct 50-100 function movies and can begin a everlasting motion that shatters Hollywood’s Glass Ceiling.


Let’s KISS (Maintain-It-Easy-Silly)

Cameras are low cost. Digital cameras are tremendous low cost. iPhone & Samsungs that are 4K… are virtually free… So, if you wish to direct… then direct.

In your first challenge, drop the finances and direct not a Low-Finances Function Movie ($500,000-$1,000,000) however a Micro-Price range Function Movie ($20,000-$100,000)… and for those who, a lady, direct a Micro-Finances Function Movie that income you’ll direct a second, greater finances, Low-Finances Function Movie.

And if that one additionally income you’ll direct a fair greater budgeted Medium-Price range Studio Function Movie and if that income… you at the moment are an integral a part of Hollywood and procuring a studio improvement deal, together with the Eight ladies in answer #1, and direct so long as you want.

What I’m about to suggest can’t be carried out by males… it could solely be achieved by ladies.


However, as soon as once more, you should strategy Hollywood as a enterprise.

Now, allow me to elucidate how ladies can management their future and create 50-100 directing alternatives for ladies… each yr… each yr… and revenue!


 (“”Ladies-Make-Films” and ladies directing is an idea I train step-by-step at my “2-Day Movie Faculty” at “)

The thought of girls directing, ladies crewing, ladies writing, ladies modifying, ladies scoring, and so on., when amalgamated right into a single physique, is very marketable in at present’s film market…

Micro-Finances Filmmaking is actual:  Digital camera’s are low cost, scripts are plentiful and making films, with high quality tales, for $20Okay-$100Okay, is completely doable.

So ladies, if you wish to direct… then direct… however cease this madness of directing shorts, which can by no means make a revenue, as a way to reveal your expertise… direct function movies… and the primary function movie you direct might be a Micro-Price range Function Movie… however market “Ladies. Ladies. Ladies. Ladies. Ladies… Ladies-Make-Films”

Level. Interval. Finish sentence.

Increase a small sum of money (Name Oprah, name Hillary, name Ivanka, and so on.), type a manufacturing firm titled, “WOMEN-MAKE-MOVIES”, with a easy rule of No-Males-Allowed.

“WOMEN-MAKE-MOVIES” is a manufacturing/distribution firm owned & operated 100% by ladies with tasks created 100% by ladies and promoted 100% to ladies…

Ladies write. Ladies direct. Ladies crew. Ladies edit. Ladies market. Ladies distribute… Ladies make films – for ladies.

With this extremely marketable idea it’s my agency perception that a film, even a Micro-Finances film, made by “WOMEN-MAKE-MOVIES”, with a top quality story, with completely no males anyplace … will probably be straightforward to market, straightforward to self-distribute and straightforward to revenue with whereas making a platform for 50-100 first-time ladies administrators per yr… each yr to direct.

And to fund your manufacturing firm go to Kickstarter, or IndieGoGo, of Fairness Crowd Funding websites like AngelList, WeFunder, Fundable, SeedInvest and market a enterprise, a 100% ladies’s owned production-distribution firm, or do a GoFundMe marketing campaign and lift $1M.

“Ladies-Make-Films”…. No males allowed… No males wanted.


Completely happy Filmmaking,

Dov SimensW

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