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The Cheapest Way to Get a Passport

Cheapest way to get a passport by descent

What is the least expensive method to get a passport? 

It’s a query that’s requested everywhere in the internet, and in addition one which we get asked at Nomad Capitalist somewhat often.

Individuals need to know what they will get for as little cash as attainable.

But, once we are requested the most cost effective, quickest, or best method to get a second passport, we ask what’s the purpose? What’s the good thing about you having that second citizenship?

We speak so much about what the benefits are of dual citizenship, however what’s low cost for one individual will not be low cost for the subsequent.

Somebody who’s trying to purchase a second citizenship so as to keep away from a probably pricey tax occasion on the horizon may have a very totally different definition of low cost than someone who is in search of a plan B in case one thing occurs in their house country. 

And somebody wanting into starting a business elsewhere someday may have a really totally different definition of what counts as low cost in comparison with someone who simply needs to find a place to retire.

Each individual state of affairs will change and influence the potential value.

This article will walk you through several alternative ways to inexpensively get a second passport, however it’s also going to debate precisely who ought to benefit from each technique. 

Citizenship by Descent

You in all probability don’t should go through a whole lot of genealogical paperwork to seek out long last ancestors to qualify for citizenship by descent.

Perhaps probably the most missed option to get a second citizenship is to take a look at your family tree.

Do you could have a father or mother who was born overseas? A grandparent? Perhaps even a great-grandparent?

There’s an excellent deal about citizenship by descent on-line, but there’s additionally fairly a little bit of a false impression.

What I’ve seen once I’m talking to individuals is that they’re conscious of the thought of citizenship by descent, however they’ve virtually been conditioned to consider that you simply’re alleged to look deep again in your family tree; like in search of a great-grandfather from Poland, for example.

Many of those individuals will want they certified for citizenship, however don’t consider they do.

It isn’t until we dig slightly deeper that we discover out that perhaps dad was born in Canada. Perhaps dad is definitely a Canadian citizen.

Usually, if one among your mother and father is a citizen of another nation then you’ve gotten the opportunity to turn into a citizen there as properly. 

There are some exceptions, notably in a few of the Middle Japanese nations where sure rules make this troublesome or usually prohibit it.

If, nevertheless, you do have this opportunity in your loved ones tree, citizenship by descent could be pretty low cost.

The time might differ. Nations like Eire or the UK are relatively simple while others like Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, or, extra lately, Germany take some time longer.

If time just isn’t an element for you and you simply actually need an affordable second passport, this can be a very viable choice. 

So long as you qualify, citizenship by descent is principally the most cost effective choice.

Citizenship Via Naturalization

Naturalization is cheapest way to get a passport

Many nations in Latin America supply citizenship by naturalization with only a few necessities and a simple timeline.

The subsequent least expensive choice goes to be naturalization. That is what most people are speaking about whenever you discover movies about five straightforward passports you will get whereas dwelling on a seashore. 

Naturalization goes to another country, getting a residence permit, and operating the clock.

Let’s use Paraguay for instance. Paraguay is usually discussed when the subject of naturalization comes up.

You go to Paraguay and join a residence permit. They’ve a obscure system the place, so long as you’re a resident, it’s essential to be there for one thing like at some point a yr.

So, you examine in every year for three years and then you possibly can go back and apply for naturalization if their guidelines and laws haven’t modified in that time-frame (a possible state of affairs).

Now, with the ability to apply doesn’t imply that they’ll grant it. It also doesn’t imply it’s going to happen immediately.

It’d take an extra six months, yr, or even longer relying on the nation granting citizenship.

Once more, your time needs to be thought-about.

That being stated, this can be a widespread solution to get an affordable passport. Individuals will go to Latin nations and hire a lawyer or a fixer to deal with it. 

This lawyer will run them round to file their FBI report or police clearance, go to the lab to get a blood check, and take them here and there and in all places till the submitting course of is full.

In these situations, it is relatively straightforward to get a short lived or everlasting residence nations reminiscent of Panama, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, or Colombia the place permanent residence is obtainable.

The problem here is in the details. 

A few of these nations have obscure guidelines on how long it’s a must to stay there. Rules that typically change later, making it is advisable to spend more time dwelling there. 

Typically, there’s a decide involved who will deny naturalization based mostly on how they really feel about how a lot you’ve built-in into the country. 

In my expertise, there’s numerous confusion on the web of what individuals assume will happen and what truly happens in real life.

And what truly happens in real life typically goes towards the letter of the regulation. 

Someone in a government may easily say that they only don’t like A, B, or C about you or your software. You could be qualified as far as the regulation is worried, but they could nonetheless not give it to you.

I see it all the time.

However, from a price perspective, naturalization is comparatively low cost as a result of you possibly can go apply in lots of of those nations. 

It’ll value you a couple of thousand bucks, but even in nations with heavy authorities charges like Panama with its Pleasant Nations Visa, you possibly can hire a lawyer to do it all for someplace within the neighborhood of seven or eight thousand dollars.

My only problem is that, from an actuarial standpoint, if I’m depending on naturalization for my second passport, I will need to go and get two or three of them cooking, just in case one of the nations modifications their mind about individuals who haven’t spent a lot time in the country by the point it comes to use. 

Now, you’ll have a much easier time in case you are trying to spend time in the nation. You’ll be able to establish ties that give will make the method a lot less risky.

Citizenship by Funding

Cheapest Citizenship by Investment

Island nations like Dominica and St. Lucia provides you with a passport in change for a money donation from you.

What I might recommend in case you are a six- or seven-figure entrepreneur here on our website in search of a second passport is not to underestimate the value of your time.

In the event you’re working 2000 hours in a yr and pulling in one million dollars, each hour of your time is value $500. 

Do you need to be using those hours to go right down to Peru and enroll in a language faculty so as to show up to some courses every week?

Or fill out types?

Or run around forwards and backwards getting blood exams? 

The answer is probably no. Notably if your aim is getting a second citizenship for some type of financial purpose. For a lot of people in this state of affairs, citizenship by funding is the most cost effective solution to go. 

Whether or not its a citizenship by investment or quick monitor naturalization program, I consider these packages have probably the most advantages on your finances and on your time.

By investing money in something like real estate, you’re given the opportunity to return forward a yr after making the investment and request citizenship.

Every country that has these packages will carry them out in a different way. Some will take extra time, some less. Some would require several types of investments.

But these nations give you numerous less nonsense on the subject of your software since you’re placing cash on the table. You spend money on the nation, and in flip, they make getting that second passport a lot simpler.

Least expensive Passport Alternatives in 2019

So, what is the least expensive passport you will get this yr via citizenship by funding? What’s the worth proposition? Which one do you have to choose? 

Whereas I can’t inform you which one to decide on in your specific wants, I can walk you thru the 2 least expensive options and why they could or is probably not good for you. 

There are round 10 choices for straight-forward citizenship by investment packages. Presently, the most cost effective of these options are going to be in the Caribbean.

Five Caribbean nations have packages starting from $100,000 to $200,000. Three of these nations have packages that require a $100,000 donation: St. Lucia, Dominica, and Antigua.

Antigua, nevertheless, has a processing charge on prime of the donation that raises the fee to around $125,000. This eliminates it as one of many least expensive packages until you’re making use of as a family.

In the event you’re single, then it’s $25,000 more. It is perhaps value making an attempt if your state of affairs is true.

This leaves us with St. Lucia and Dominica.

While the processing occasions in each nation may range, they each take around 4 months to be permitted. 

Both St. Lucia and Dominica have access to the EU, the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, or another place you’ll need to go.

However, there is a huge difference in the place each country is headed.

Dominica is extra eastern-friendly. They’ve lately established visa-free travel with Russia and are setting their sights on creating the same relationship with the UAE and China.

St. Lucia, however, is extra western-friendly. They’re targeted on creating tourism engaging to western nations. 

St. Lucia also has different options for getting citizenship, corresponding to investing in authorities bonds. Whereas the opportunity value of different choices will not be nearly as good, they are an honest strategy to scale back your sunk prices.

General, both are good options. One will get you extra visa-free travel than the opposite, however both approach, $100,000 will get you a passport in a number of months.

This is likely one of the rare examples where least expensive truly could possibly be greatest.


Cheapest passport, cash, travel, business

Nevertheless you acquire a second passport, it may open up a world of alternatives for you once you do.

Every individual state of affairs will determine which of those choices is the most cost effective.

Somebody who needs to reside, research, and work in the European Union with a grandparent that may help them get there’ll see citizenship by descent as the most cost effective choice.

Someone who just needs to retire in Peru and is prepared to place in the legwork now may even see naturalization as the most cost effective choice for them.

For a enterprise one that’s on the lookout for a superb financial technique over a protected haven, job, or place to retire might determine that a Caribbean citizenship by investment program that permits them to take a position a number of hundred thousand to jump to the front of the road is the best choice.

Its this third choice that I see as the way forward for “low cost” citizenship. Individuals will start to see citizenship as a commodity that helps them get things carried out at the present time.

I see the romanticism surrounding citizenship dwindling.

Increasingly individuals are realizing that they may give individuals citizenship as a way to get extra money flowing into their financial system.

Austria is an example of this that will get talked about fairly a bit. In the event you convey €10 million into the nation, you’re on monitor to turn into an Austrian citizen.

Bulgaria is another widespread example the place you pay an upfront payment and also you get a passport in two years.

There are different options which might be cheaper than these, and extra are popping up yearly.

For those who’re making six or seven figures, these packages are in all probability quite a bit cheaper than others because you’ll be able to return to operating your corporation. It can save you your self all the runaround simply by putting slightly cash into the game. 

What do you assume? Which camp are you in?


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