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Top 12 All-Time “Dirtiest” Champions — Boxing’s Wicked WarriorsThe Fight City

Bika (left) is known for his rough tactics.

A complete roster of boxers who dabbled within the darker arts of ringcraft would rival a listing of the troopers who ringed the partitions of Troy, or an inventory of the strippers financially aided by The Cash Workforce; in different phrases, far too lengthy to place collectively. However legit champions who made breaking the principles an essential a part of their pugilistic success? That we will handle. Admittedly, a dialogue of simply plain, previous soiled fighters is all the time a deal with because it includes guys like “Two-Ton” Tony Galento and attending to see Andrew Golota hammer Riddick Bowe within the walnuts again and again. Enjoyable stuff.

Now, fouling has all the time been a part of boxing, although permissiveness has waxed and waned. There are some who worry we’ve got entered a brand new period of no-holds-barred filth (maybe impressed by the much less restrained carnage in MMA?) and there exists some proof to bolster this declare. Witness Abner Mares whacking away at Joseph Agbeko’s nether areas spherical after spherical whereas the referee seemed on admiringly. Or Andre Ward‘s strategic and largely ignored use of his skull. Or Sakio Bika‘s flagrant roughhousing and low blows in nearly each battle. Or Tyson Fury intentionally nailing Joey Abell in his unmentionables and receiving nothing from the referee however a politely worded request to please not do it once more.

Bika (left) is understood for his questionable techniques.

However actually the golden age of underhanded techniques is many years behind us, as our listing of blackguard champions suggests. For probably the most half, the best practitioners of the sneaky thumb-in-the-eye or the fast elbow-to-the-adam’s apple belong to a different period, earlier than tv, earlier than prompt replay, and earlier than company sponsors determined they weren’t eager to affiliate with a sport the place athletes kneed, bit and choked each other. Although, as you’ll see, this doesn’t imply titlists who routinely resort to unfair techniques don’t nonetheless stroll amongst us.

Actually, few nice champions didn’t incorporate some side of soiled play into their recreation. Henry Armstrong made wonderful use of his shoulders and head to maneuver an adversary, whereas Muhammad Ali favored to clutch the again of the neck, the ensuing pushing and pulling working to tire out the opponent. Jack Dempsey loved mauling his quarry, mixing forearm shivers and the occasional low blow into his assault, whereas George Foreman violently shoved his opponents, the higher to realize punching room.

Duran overwhelms Davey Moore: Tough? Or “soiled”?

However for this listing, we overlook the champions who fouled irregularly or primarily within the warmth of battle. Or have been extra “tough” than “soiled.” Or have been awful at it. Marco Antonio Barrera, Wilfredo Gomez, Roberto Duran, Sonny Liston, Terry Norris, Rocky Marciano, Ricky Hatton, Mike Tyson — a case could be made for these and lots of others, however for a definitive record of “soiled” champions, we targeted on those who, with chilly calculation, made it an necessary a part of their ring success. To be really “soiled,” is to be practiced and deliberate. And, for probably the most half, to get away with it.

12. Floyd Mayweather Jr.: The inclusion of the erstwhile “Fairly Boy” on this record might shock some, however the reality is Floyd owes a lot of his success to his wonderful in-fighting method, which includes the unlawful use of his elbows and forearms. In truth, his expertise on this specific division have been so adept that he not often acquired warnings and was by no means even topic to some extent deduction. And but many opponents made reference to this facet of Floyd’s recreation and a few brazenly referred to as him a “soiled” fighter. Skeptical? Take a look at this Lee Wylie video and decide for your self.

Forearm to the face: a Mayweather specialty.

Forearm to the face: a Mayweather specialty.

11. Joel Casamayor: Let’s have Mr. Toothbrush converse for himself: “Boxing is soiled. Interval. The day I’m not able to be a unclean fighter is the day I don’t struggle as a result of it’s going to imply I’ve no coronary heart for it anymore.” As quoted by Michael Katz in 2006.

10. Evander Holyfield & Gene Fullmer: These champions are paired collectively as a result of each need to be on the listing for a similar purpose: their distinctive expertise for using their skull as a 3rd fist. Each Fullmer and Holyfield have been rough-and-ready warriors who most popular slugging it out and getting as bodily as attainable. This meant their heads commonly collided with their opponents’ skulls or faces however in such a approach that the contact, if it have been observed, appeared unintentional. Name us jaded, however we simply don’t consider this was all the time the case.


Hasim Rahman, 2002: Not the one damage courtesy of Holyfield’s cement noggin.

9. Advert Wolgast: No record of soiled fighters, not to mention champions, is full with out the “Michigan Wildcat,” who was famed for his incapability to withstand burying his fists in his opponents’ nether areas. An adversary’s groin might as properly have had a goal painted on it, such was Wolgast’s enthusiasm for going to city on the previous wedding ceremony deal with. Disqualified a minimum of 4 occasions, together with the defeat to Willie Ritchie in 1912 which value him his world light-weight title, Wolgast was recognized far and vast as one of many sport’s dirtiest practitioners.

Ad Wolgast

Advert Wolgast

eight. Bernard Hopkins: First he was “The Executioner,” and later he turned “The Alien.” The truth is, he might have been referred to as “The-Low-Blow-Headbutt-Maintain-and-Hit-Playacting-Jedi-Grasp” and that may have been as apt, as Hopkins was a latter-day wizard at mixing foul and borderline-foul practices into his method. He brazenly mentioned the significance of manipulating referees and the way by using soiled techniques and getting away with it, he gained a psychological benefit. Only a few Hopkins opponents didn’t complain about Bernard’s penchant for using the darker arts of ring-craft and there’s little question it performed a big position in a few of his most notable performances, and but he not often suffered some extent deduction and was by no means disqualified.

Hopkins (right) schools another young upstart.

Jedi grasp Hopkins (proper) doesn’t thoughts engaged on the darkish aspect.

7. Eusebio Pedroza: An aspiring soiled fighter can study a lot by learning Pedroza’s 1982 title protection towards Juan LaPorte. When it comes to flagrant and frequent fouling, it’s a grasp class. Kidney punches, hitting on the break, low blows, elbows, holding and hitting, punching after the bell — Pedroza might do all of it. And sometimes did. However regardless of receiving quite a few warnings and level deductions, he nonetheless managed to rack up 19 straight title defenses of his world featherweight title.

6. Sandy Saddler: There are usually two sorts of soiled fighters: those that cop to the cost (ie. Zivic) and people who are indignant within the face of the accusation. Rely Saddler among the many latter. For him, being referred to as “soiled” was unfair and insulting and he refused to simply accept it. Which is comical given what everybody noticed him do in numerous fights. However this doubtless had a lot to do with Saddler’s specific strategy to indulging in soiled pool which primarily boiled right down to: “He began it!”

Saddler: don't let the smile fool you.

Saddler: don’t let the smile idiot you.

Saddler might and did compete inside the statutes of the ring, however the second an opponent did something, actual or imagined, which he considered not kosher, your complete rule ebook went out the window. This occurred regularly and thus Saddler turned a licensed professional at butting, heeling, elbowing, gouging, lacing the eyes, or just grabbing an opponent in a headlock and throwing the poor man to the ground. His clashes with Willie Pep — who was considered a difficult, however not soiled, pugilist — are among the many filthiest title bouts in boxing historical past.

5. Battling Nelson: Like so many rough-and-tumble brawlers of his period together with his previous nemesis Wolgast, Nelson paid little consideration to the principles as soon as the bell rang. Reckless and harsh, he rushed ahead, ripping into his opponents, smashing away with every thing he had and utilizing no matter techniques may assist get the job achieved. Elbows to the face and arduous punches to the previous meat and two veg have been commonplace apply for Nelson. Certainly his most well-known struggle, a showdown with the good Joe Gans, ended when Nelson, figuring out he was about to lose, deliberately drilled poor Joe proper within the crown jewels and “The Sturdy Dane” was promptly disqualified.

Nelson takes a authorized blow from Wolgast of their well-known 40 spherical conflict.

four. Harry Greb: There may be little question that “The Smoke Metropolis Wildcat” will eternally be considered one of many biggest pugilists who ever lived, and, whereas some disagree and name it a “dangerous rap,” it’s probably he may also all the time rank excessive on any listing of “soiled” fighters. Greb’s type was to swarm and overwhelm his opponent and within the midst of a fusillade of authorized blows have been hidden some unlawful ones. Few anticipated Greb to battle clear, so referees often simply shrugged their shoulders and watched the carnage unfold. Actually, when Greb wasn’t ignoring the referee, he was recognized to intimidate officers, yelling at them once they tried to intervene or break a clinch. Greb liked clinches; inside their shut confines he did a few of his deadliest work, whereas every time an opponent discovered himself in a determined embrace with “The Pittsburgh Windmill” it should have felt like creeping dying. Elbows, thumbs, headbutts, laces — all a part of the arsenal employed by maybe the best middleweight in boxing historical past.

The good Harry Greb. Portray by Damien Burton.

three. Antonio Margarito: There isn’t a extra heinous crime in boxing than loading the gloves or handwraps. In doing so, a boxer successfully removes himself from the realm of sport and enters the area of criminality. Boxing is already harmful sufficient; inserting plaster into gloves or wraps takes it to a different degree. Such an act ought to disqualify a boxer from ever competing once more.

Welterweight champion Antonio Margarito holds a singular place in boxing historical past. He’s the one world titlist to ever be caught loading his fists, trying to hold deadly weapons into the ring with him. Theoretically, it’s potential he was not conscious his coach, Javier Capetillo, had inserted a tampered knuckle pad into his wraps earlier than his struggle with Shane Mosley, however we don’t purchase it. And theoretically it’s potential that this by no means occurred earlier than, that one might have discovered solely tape, gauze and fists inside his boxing gloves in all of his earlier matches. However it’s troublesome for us to verify our brains on the door and provides Margarito the good thing about the doubt.

Margarito was never the same after being caught with illegal wraps before the Mosley fight.

Margarito was by no means the identical after being caught with unlawful wraps earlier than the Mosley struggle.

Particularly when he virtually eliminated Sebastian Lujan’s left ear from his head again in 2008. Particularly when his cornermen might be heard telling him after spherical six of his first struggle with Miguel Cotto: “Your punches ought to be exhausting by now!” Particularly after nobody might adequately clarify the seen injury to the floor of Margarito’s hand wraps following that battle, injury in line with one thing inside them being rock-hard. Add in the truth that following his being caught, Margarito’s vaunted punching energy evaporated and he by no means got here shut to significantly hurting, not to mention disfiguring, an opponent ever once more, and we’re glad sufficient to rank him as one of many prime three dirtiest champions of all time.

2. Mysterious Billy Smith: Initially from Nova Scotia, Canada, Smith was seen in his heyday because the dirtiest prizefighter alive. Earlier than embarking on his boxing profession, Smith had been a longshoreman, working the docks and stepping into loads of fights. Little question he discovered some merciless tips when brawling with a few of these burly dockworkers.  Battling his approach by means of the welterweight ranks, he brazenly butted, stomped on opponent’s ft, struck together with his knees and elbows and was recognized, when determined, to place his incisors to make use of.

Mysterious Billy Smith

Mysterious Billy Smith

He gained the welterweight crown twice and for his potential and ruggedness was extremely regarded, regardless of his soiled techniques. His document boasts battles with such warriors as Younger Peter Jackson, Tommy Ryan and the good Joe Walcott, whom he fought six occasions and defeated for the world title. Absolutely half his 22 losses have been by way of disqualification, although little question a lot of the time Smith was getting away with unlawful techniques and leaving a path of busted noses, broken larynges and swollen gonads in his wake. Because the well-known Police Gazette said: “Nobody will dispute Mysterious Billy Smith’s proper to the excellence of being probably the most foul, soiled and tough fighter that the American ring at this time can boast of.”

1. Fritzie Zivic: The last word scoundrel of the ring. If different champs are soiled, Zivic was completely filthy. Resilient, intelligent and exhausting to hit, he lacked energy and determined to make up for it with an unequaled talent for butting, gouging, lacing, elbowing, kneeing, choking and another depraved act he might consider. Competing within the 1930s and 40s — a time when jaded referees have been recognized to repeatedly flip a blind eye to such issues – he each received away with and prospered from his expertise for violating the principles. And whereas reviled, he was additionally revered as a real grasp of his specific model of pugilism.


Zivic: he didn’t get that nostril from enjoying the piano.

Each Sugar Ray Robinson and Billy Conn said that nobody taught them extra about what was potential within the ring than Zivic. And the good Henry Armstrong, who dropped two fights to “The Croat Comet,” admitted he had little reply to Zivic’s thumbing and gouging and feared he may go blind from it. In the meantime Fritzie was not in the least apologetic. For him, fouling was a part of the sport and the very fact he was condemned by all quarters didn’t hassle him within the least. “You’re preventing,” he as soon as famously stated when requested about his penchant for soiled play, “you’re not enjoying the piano.”

— Michael Carbert 

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